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Общие сведения
The United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) is strongly committed to increase accessibility of its premises so that people with disabilities have necessary comfort and mobility at its premises as well as barrier-free environment for their comfortable stay at the Osh office. UNICEF is also committed to reduce its negative environmental impact by reducing  the electricity supply consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and, in the long run, achieving zero negative climate impact by limiting the consumption of coal, non-renewable energy, wasting water, overusing paper and other hazardous materials.
Under the direct supervision of the Operations Associate, the project consultant will be responsible for ensuring the accomplishment of the renovation works of the office such as: a) heating system; b)installation of accessibility devices and adjustment of facilities; c). installation of sensor lighting system as required by  the projects goals and objectives.
Project consultant  will be in charge of the overall project management and supervision, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the renovation processes and activities striving to achieve timely delivery of works.
It is envisioned that the project consultant will be responsible to provide all necessary additional  technical assistance to the UNICEF team during the course of renovation as required.
Qualification/level requirements
University Degree in construction engineering from recognized university;
Minimum 6 years of consecutive working experience in managing and supervising  construction works in the public and private sector;
Working experience in the area of preparation, implementation, monitoring and quality control of technicalities of  construction projects;
Proven experience in financial control of construction works (BoQ, verification of executed works, recommendation from partners and other evidence of implemented projects);
Knowledge of technical / engineering computer applications (e.g. AutoCad, ArchiCad, etc.) is an asset.
Professional skills in working with MS windows applications and Power Point;
Working experience with UN agencies or other international development organization is an asset.
The main responsibilities of the Project Consultant will include but not limited to the following:

Provide overall technical assistance to UNICEF Greening and Accessibility projects, from tendering to implementation and monitoring;
Ensure effective implementation, monitoring and supervision;
Ensure effective quality control systems are in place and contractors/service providers work in compliance with technical specifications of UNICEF and State quality standards;
Monitor and evaluate performance of contractors/service providers on a timely manner;
Ensure all technical inputs and cost estimates related to the installation and re-construction activities are accurate, timely provided and included in the project proposals and budgets;
Support the Supply section in all tender exercises for the procurement of installation and reconstruction services
Closely liaise with Design and Contractors/service companies and provide recommendations during the BoQ revision, implementation as well during the authorial supervision;
Ensure close monitoring and regular control over quality, progress and appropriateness of use of resources/materials by contractors/service providers. Cross-check the compliance of supplied constructional and infrastructure materials, goods and equipment in accordance with technical specifications and standards
Ensure the close monitoring and control over compliance of installation/reconstruction works with approved design, BoQs and other technical specifications and documentation
Identify and manage risks and initiate corrective action/s immediately where necessary until the elimination of identified deficiencies (if any)
Prepare progress and final project/s and handover reports and maintain the relevant records.
Monitor project budgets of selected contractors/service providers for accuracy, relevance and reasonableness;
Liaise with key staff members to ensure that UNICEF rules and procedures related to construction and contract management are followed;
Coordinate with parties in concern to ensure all required clearances and proper commissioning obtained for construction/rehabilitation works from Governmental institutions/bodies. Ensure a sound handing over of facilities to project recipients;
Quality control of installation/re-construction works will include but not limit to:
Gas pipes, gas boiler, electrical pump, heating radiators;
Accessibility ramp, elevator, lifting equipment;
Internal rehabilitation of buildings;
Sensor lights and sensor control systems;
Reinstalling plumping fixtures;
Door expansion, plastic doors replacement;
Project Consultant maybe requested to undertake additional tasks and duties for other similar projects in the same geographical area as required by the supervisor;
Reporting and supervision
Project Consultant will be reporting to a designated Operation associate in UNICEF Osh Zone Office.
Duty station and official travel involved
Majority of the assignment require full-time working hours , especially during implementation and monitoring of the project. However, short-term flexible working hours can be arranged  and mutually agreed in advance.
It is envisaged that working schedule will be closely linked to Deliverables set out below and depend on construction/rehabilitation stages.
Project consultant will be based in UNICEF Zone Office in Osh.
No travels are expected.
Performance indicators
Construction timeliness as set in deliverables;
Quality of construction and used materials;
Quality of support to financial control with an emphasis on clear and open financial reporting;
1. Provide technical advisory support during preparation of information for conducting tender in the frame of accessibility projects (including review, provision of comments -to submitted engineering and construction projects, technical expertise of estimates, during the course of BoQ revision, implementation as well during the  technical  supervision, specifications of constructional materials to be procured/used within projects
(Improvement of Accessibility)
2. Provide technical advisory support during the course of BoQ revision, project implementation as well during the technical  supervision  (Installation of sensor light systems)
Provide technical advisory support during the course of BoQ revision, project implementation as well during the technical supervision ( Improvement of office heating system )
Monitoring visits office during liability period. Cross-check and sign the certificates of completion of engineering and installation works provided by contractors for payment.
О компании
ЮНИСЕФ работает в 190 странах мира, в том числе в Кыргызстане, чтобы спасать жизни детей, отстаивать их права, помогать им развивать свои способности.
Представительство ЮНИСЕФ в Кыргызстане было открыто в 1994 году, когда страна присоединилась к Конвенции ООН о правах ребенка.
Новая программа сотрудничества между Правительством КР и ЮНИСЕФ на 2018 – 2022 гг. направлена на то, чтобы самые обездоленные дети в стране были замечены, услышаны, поняты, чтобы их права реализовывались. Подобное сотрудничество должно создавать такое общественное устройство, при котором предоставляются услуги и защищены все дети, с фокусом на самых уязвимых.
Программа ЮНИСЕФ реализуется для детей в сфере здравоохранения, питания, иммунизации, развития детей раннего возраста и образования, водоснабжения и санитарии, социальной защиты, снижения рисков стихийных бедствий и изменения климата. Кроме того, ЮНИСЕФ работает в сотрудничестве с Правительством и граждансикм обществом, предоставляя гуманитарную помощь, когда это необходимо. Узнайте больше о наших программах для детей.

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