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Title of consultancy: Assisting research on community policing approaches within wider police reform in Kyrgyzstan
Type of contract: Consultancy Duration of the assignment:
22 days during the period 1 October – 31 December 2020, with most work done in October 2020
Location of contract: Kyrgyzstan
Saferworld is an independent international organisation working to prevent violent conflict and build safer lives. We have programmes in 11 countries and territories across East Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, and Central, South, and Southeast Asia.
Saferworld has been working in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan since 2010, with offices in Osh, Bishkek and Dushanbe. Together with our partners, we bring communities and authorities (including security providers) together to discuss their safety and security problems and to find solutions that reduce and prevent insecurity, conflict and violence.
Saferworld has developed and used a people-centre approach to security in conflict-affected and fragile contexts for more than 15 years. In Kyrgyzstan, this approach helps us to tackle security concerns – from domestic violence, road safety and crime, to youth grievances and access to education and jobs – by working directly with people who are affected by conflict and insecurity and ensuring that responses take into account the experiences and needs of women, youth and other marginalised groups. Saferworlds experience shows that using evidence from community-level work increases the effectiveness of advocacy for greater systemic change nationally and internationally. We are conducting research to inform and improve our programming work, and also to better inform our advocacy at all levels to influence changes in behaviours, relations and structures/systems.
In Kyrgyzstan, Saferworld supports the implementation of the national police reform by strengthening the capacity of public councils (PCs), local crime prevention centres (LCPCs), civil society organisations, police and communities – developing skills that they will need to make the people-centred approach to policing a success. Our regional approach ensures we engage with other Central Asian countries on important conflict, security and development issues affecting the region. This includes regularly sharing community policing/security experiences and lessons learnt.
Overview of the research project
The research aims to understand the different contexts of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and how these environments (legislative, political, historical, social, etc.) enable or obstruct the community policing approach in each country. The resulting paper will explore different perspectives of community policing and compare them across contexts to produce best practices, lessons and recommendations on how this approach can be adapted and improved in the region, and, potentially, provide ideas for improving global application.
This TOR relates to one piece of the research taking place in Kyrgyzstan, looking at how the unique history, laws, actors, social and gender norms, and other factors have affected the implementation of community policing initiatives in the country, and how this situation can be improved for more effective, responsive, inclusive, and service-oriented policing.
Person specification
Saferworld is looking for an interested and experienced individual to assist with the research project. The applicant(s) must have:
Availability for 22 working days between October and December 2020, with the majority of work completed in October and with limited engagement in November and December.
Demonstrated experience of working and conducting research on issues related to peace and security in Kyrgyzstan, including intimate knowledge of the local context. Familiarity with issues around police reform/policing is preferable.
Rigorous analytical skills and ability to synthesis and write-up data for research reports, policy papers, and similar products.
Proven ability to lead and undertake qualitative research, including KIIs, one-to-one interviews, semi-structured interviews and consultations.
Strong familiarity with research ethics, confidentiality, safeguarding and other considerations of sensitivity of the issues being researched.
Ability to communicate (oral and written) in English, Russian and Kyrgyz.
Specific Research Questions
Saferworld has done an initial review of available evidence, as well as conducted several interviews with various stakeholders, looking at addressing some of the following questions:
How do various actors in Kyrgyzstan view police reform and community policing?
What are the enabling or obstructing factors present in Kyrgyzstan that either help or hinder community policing efforts, at various levels (nationally, sub-nationally, locally)?
What are the legal and constitutional frameworks guiding community policing and are they adequate? How could they be improved?
What are some practical ways community policing can be improved – what works and what doesnt?
What are/should be the roles and responsibilities of different actors involved in community policing – international organisations, national/local authorities, ministries, community members, etc?
The consultant will carry out the following tasks, to be finalised during contracting:
Review the literature review documents, interview transcripts, project documents and other information already collated by Saferworld as the basis of the research
Identify any gaps in information and follow up as needed – either through further desk research or by identifying and conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders (remotely, but if conditions permit they can be in person).
As needed/identified, fill in missing pieces of interview transcripts (recordings to be provided) in either Russian or Kyrgyz.
Coordinate closely with Saferworld research team – specifically the Regional Conflict and Security Adviser for Central Asia – on progress and clarify any questions.
Use NVIVO data analysis software to code and analyse data – including any desk research and interviews – in coordination with Regional Conflict and Security Adviser (introduction to the software can be provided if unfamiliar). If another software is preferred by the consultant, this can be discussed.
Assist with sharing and discussing preliminary research findings for the Kyrgyzstan chapter with Saferworlds Kyrgyzstan team and get feedback.
Assist in producing a draft analysis (ideally in English), and share with relevant Saferworld colleagues for feedback.
Assist in producing a final draft, incorporating any further feedback from Saferworld and, if necessary, ensure any relevant future actions are identified and assigned to staff.
On an ad-hoc basis agreed with Saferworld, provide any input or clarifications needed during final drafting of the larger multi-context report that Saferworld will be responsible for (up to 2 days of consultants time in total from November-December to respond to queries).
At the end of the consultancy, the consultant – in close collaboration with the Saferworld research team – will be expected to assist in producing a short analysis piece (approximately 10 pages) in English on community policing in Kyrgyzstan, which will then be used as a basis for a country chapter within the wider report. The country analysis should include multiple sections, including (but not necessarily limited to):

Background/history on police reform/community policing in Kyrgyzstan;

Laws/legislation on community policing;

Factors that help/hinder community policing initiatives;

Issues addressed by community policing projects;

Recommendations for improving CP initiatives in Kyrgyzstan, including for different actors at local, sub-national, national, and international levels.
The work will take place over the course of 22 working days between 1 October and 31 December 2020, with the majority of the research and deliverables completed by 3rd November 2020. Changes in this time distribution may need to be made as the project develops, and will be agreed in writing (via e-mail) between the consultant(s) and Saferworld Regional Conflict and Security Adviser for Central Asia.
Approximate time requirement — Activity
0.5 day — Introductory conversation/debrief with Saferworld research team on Saferworlds work in Kyrgyzstan and the research project, clarifying any questions/issues
5 days — Review, sort through, clean and transcribe existing materials as needed
5 days — After identifying gaps, conduct any further research as needed – including interviews or further desk research
6 days — Produce draft analysis for feedback and share with Regional Conflict and Security Adviser for any immediate feedback/responses – and then share with wider team
0.5 day — Hold meeting with wider Kyrgyzstan team to gather feedback on the draft and validate general findings
2 days — Incorporate feedback from Kyrgyzstan team into the draft, addressing any comments – either from comments left in draft or from the team meeting
1 day — Finalise and submit final version of analysis document to Saferworld
2 days — Provide ad-hoc input or clarifications as needed during the drafting stage of the larger report in November and December.
The research is managed by Saferworld and the Consultant will report to the Saferworld Central Asia Regional Conflict urity Adviser. The Consultant will work closely with the Saferworld research team, and the Saferworld Kyrgyzstan Programme Manager. For any additional interviews, the consultant will be accompanied by a member of the Saferworld research project team, who will provide support as appropriate and agreed.
Confidentiality and authorship
Saferworld will have exclusive ownership of all information generated by this consultancy. The consultant will treat as confidential all information provided by Saferworld about its work as part of this consultancy, especially any interviews conducted with participants.
Application procedure
Interested candidates should submit:
Expression of Interest outlining motivation, relevant experience and suitability for the consultancy (maximum 1-2 pages)
A sample of previous work relevant to the assignment
Contact details for two referees
An indicative budget (half page) covering daily rate(s) and any additional costs expected to be incurred. Rates should be in Kyrgyz som.
The above should be sent to Marie Aziz at jobs@saferworld.org.uk with the subject line: Research Consultant – Policing in Kyrgyzstan
The closing date for applications is 5pm (UK time) on 30 September 2020.
We regret only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
It is anticipated that interviews will take place on 2 October 2020.
О компании
Our Vision
We believe in a world where everyone can lead peaceful, fulfilling lives, free from fear and insecurity.
Our mission
We work to prevent violent conflict and build safer lives. We work to create environments where the following three conditions for peace are in place:

People play an active role in preventing and transforming conflict and building peace
People have access to fair and effective paths to address the grievances and inequalities that drive conflict
People with influence exercise their power to promote just and equitable societies
Our values and principles
Our integrity as an organisation comes from the values and principles that guide our work.
We believe in the worth, equality and dignity of every person, and respect the richness of social and cultural diversity
We believe that inclusivity and accountability are essential in society for people to enjoy security, justice and peaceful co-existence
Our actions must show honesty and transparency, and consistency with our principles and mission
We put people at the centre of our work, particularly those affected by conflict and insecurity
We promote and support inclusive and cooperative approaches to decision-making
We understand that everything we do can have positive or negative effects on conflict dynamics and gender relationships, and being sensitive to this is central to our work
We are a learning organisation, striving to learn from each other, staff, partners and communities
We are accountable to the communities and partners we work with, and to the donors and public who support our work.

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