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Published: 25.12.2020 10:43:52
Deadline: 03.01.2021 23:59:59 remained 9 days
Salary: According to the interview results
Location: Bishkek
Type of involvement: full time
Common information
UN field personnel are exposed to various health and security hazards that may result in disease; psychological trauma and life-threatening injuries. Dedicated, effective primary health, occupational health and emergency medical services may mitigate negative outcomes of trauma, injuries and health complications providing better chances for saving lives as well as for faster and better recovery.
The objective is to contract a Medical Officer in order to support the implementation of preventive and medical actions and responses related to COVID-19 and to other health matters. The Medical Officer will provide medical consultations for staff, support prevention measures and treatment to ensure the physical and mental health of UN staff and their dependents and advise the UN system on additional actions that could be taken in this area. S/he will also promote proper health care among staff (for example through webinar).
The Medical Officer will be a part of the UN common services of the UN country team in Kyrgyzstan and administered by UNDP under supervision of UN COVID-19 Coordinator and UNDP Operations Manager
Medical Officer will provide medical services including medical consultations for UN staff and their eligible dependents, ensure emergency care, coordinate with medical clinics and supervise the work of other medical personnel contracted by the UN . The incumbent will promote proactive occupational health policies and best practices and procedures in the medical services in conjunction with Administration. This will include outreach to staff and dependents in the areas of preventative health. S/he will also work in close collaboration with the UN COVID-19 Focal Points nominated in each UN agency. The Medical officer is also expected to take part in the HIV work in the UN workplace as outlined in UN Cares and UN Plus.
While the overall coordination lays with the contract supervisor (i.e. UNDP RR as above), each UN Agency in Kyrgyzstan will designate a focal point to liaise with the Medical Officer for medical evacuation or other medical paperwork related purposes.
Qualification requirements
Required Skills and Experience

Diploma or equivalent in medicine, including residency/internship in one of the medical specialties, preferably internal medicine, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), or family medicine with relevant experience in emergency room or ICU.

At least three (3) years of clinical experience as a Medical Officer after the compulsory internship such as intensivist; respiratory physicians (or pulmonologist), resuscitation sthetic, infection control and public Health; epidemiologists; health surveillance specialist; health emergency manager sis management specialist;
Experience in clinical management of COVID-19 patients during outbreak in KR is highly desirable;
Familiarity with all relevant national and UN documents/ guidelines/ policies/ protocols related to COVID19;
Proven participation at WHOs or national online COVID-19 trainings for clinical specialist;
Previous UN medical system/ international medical experience is desirable;
Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.) is expected;
Knowledge of online platforms and mobile applications.
Language Requirements:
Fluency in English and Russian is required;: Knowledge of Kyrgyz language highly desirable.
Duties and Responsibilities
The Medical Officer will perform the following functions/responsibilities:
Medical consultations:

S/he will provide medical (therapeutic) consultations and guidance to UN personnel members and their dependents, issue prescriptions as well as sick leave certification as/if needed, recommend different medical specialists/hospitals/clinics to UN personnel who need additional medical attention, facilitate as/if needed;
To provide professional medical care consultations of the highest quality and in accordance with national and WHO clinical protocols/standards;
Follow up the COVID-19 positive cases and support the tracking of direct contacts;
Advise if UN personnel need testing for COVID-19 and issue prescriptions as/if needed;
Refer staff to hospitals /tertiary health care facilities when necessary or to outside specialists as necessary;
Follows-up with outside specialists;
Provide regular health education sessions (if needed) with special emphasis to the prophylaxis of the relevant diseases of the outbreak.
Clinical Duties:

Undertake day-to-day clinical duties, emergencies, stabilization of critical patients, etc,
Coordinate clinical operations and referral pathways to the Clinics, isolation wards, etc., during the outbreak/pandemic — can monitor a suspect case with mild COVID-19 staying at home on a case-by-case basis based on the COVID-19 care pathway;
Provide management of mild and moderate of COVID-19 and support to provide referral to health facility with severe case;
Liaise with the medical team of the hospitals or clinics when UN staff/dependents are hospitalized and ensure overall coherence of treatment provided;
Evaluate the situation of UN patients for COVID-19 with acute respiratory symptoms (possess a knowledge of COVIDs dangerous signs and symptoms, interpreter diagnostic testing, and case definitions of COVID and advise if medical evacuation is to be considered;
Follow up on rehabilitation of severe and critical COVID-19 patients when needed.
Medical Evacuation:

Evaluate and advise if medical evacuation is needed in close collaboration with the UN COVID-19 Coordinator and relevant Head so Agencies;
Assist with preparation of documents needed for medical evacuations of UN Personnel (medical assessment, examination, preparation of all required reporting, documentation) and cooperate with the MEDEVZC Cell for COVID-19 as well as respective local and headquarter offices of individual UN Agencies on all related matters in accordance with relevant UN Guidance/policies;
Support arrangements for health transport for UN Staff in need of Medevac.

The Medical Officer will be on call every day to answer any emergency call from UN personnel;
Demonstrate good communication skills, caring attitude and adequate respect for UN personnel and their dependents as patients;
Ensure proper and clear documentation of clinical findings, treatment plans with follow–up recommendations;
Keep confidentiality on patients, treatments and maintain them at all times.
To provide UN report a potential COVID-19 case of UN staff to UN COVID-19 Coordinator as per agreed template;
Under the guidance of UN COVID-19 Coordinator, provide additional support in urgent cases.
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ПРООН является глобальной сетью ООН в области развития. Она выступает в поддержку преобразований и предоставляет странам доступ к источникам знаний, опыту и ресурсам в целях содействия улучшению жизни людей. Мы работаем в 177 странах, в том числе в Кыргызстане, взаимодействуя с ними в выработке их собственных решений по проблемам глобального и национального развития.

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