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National consultancy to conduct final evaluation of the project «Promoting Kyrgyzstan`s youth cohesion and interaction towards Uzbekistan» (2019-2020)
Goal of consultancy
UNICEF-Kyrgyzstan seeks an individual national consultant to conduct a summative evaluation of the project Promoting Kyrgyzstan`s youth cohesion and interaction towards Uzbekistan on social inclusion and inter-ethnic cohesion at the border areas with Uzbekistan. The national consultant will be part of an evaluation team and work together with an international consultant.
Currently 85% of the 1378 km border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have been agreed upon and 36 disputed territories or 217 km border remain unresolved.1 The problematic relations and unsettled border demarcation between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have been an open issue leading to various levels of conflicts since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. All uprisings taking place in Kyrgyzstan, especially the one leading to the confrontation between Kyrgyz and Uzbek communities in June 2010 included a combination of triggers of economic, social and political reasons, including the ones related to border disputes. The inter-ethnic tensions between the Kyrgyz and the Uzbek living side by side in the south of the country have been overtly influenced and heavily dependent by the overall difficult relations between the two states.
However, the change of leadership in Uzbekistan in 2016 with opening of new perspectives in terms of civil and political liberties, governance and human rights led to a series of initiatives at the highest level to overcome acrimonies of the past. Joint action plan with Uzbek government for 2017-2019 which broadly determines cooperation between different branches and levels of the government including the local self-governments, local state administrations to establish economic, trade, cultural and humanitarian cooperation across the border was approved. Each of the three southern provinces of Kyrgyzstan bordering with Uzbekistan developed their own action plans of cooperation with their
1 https: //mail.kz/ru/news/world-news/glava-kyrgyzstana-podpisal-zakon-ob-uregulirovanii-granicy-s-uzbekistanom Project Title: Evaluation of the project Promoting Kyrgyzstan`s youth cohesion and interaction towards Uzbekistan (2019-2020) Consultancy/Services Title: Consultancy to conduct final evaluation of the project. Consultancy Mode: National International Type of Contract: Consultant Individual Contractor Institutional Mode of Selection: Competitive Single Source Duration of Contract: From: September-March 2021

bordering peer province on the other side. The State Agency for Youth and Sports of Kyrgyzstan also signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a joint plan with a similar entity in Uzbekistan. These plans have been identified as key national strategic document that formulates the intention of investing in the creation of positive peace with the Uzbek counterpart and to have a positive in-country effect within ethnic communities.
The project Promoting Kyrgyzstan`s youth cohesion and interaction towards Uzbekistan was initiated in 2018 by UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA in response to the call for proposals for the UN Peacebuilding Funds (PBF) Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative, which supports the empowerment of women and young people to ensure their inclusion and participation in peacebuilding and decision-making processes at all levels. It was identified as the one better fitting with the requirements of the call and more in line with the peacebuilding agenda in the country during in-depth discussions within the UN Country Team members and therefore was submitted to PBF for funding under 2018 call for proposals. Upon the result of PBF`s selection, this project has become the first and the only Youth Promotion Initiative (YPI) project implemented by Recipient United Nations Organizations (RUNOs), while other YPI projects in the country have been implemented by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
The project took stock of the momentum in the cooperation between the two States and aimed at entrenching positive peace factors. The project aimed to support the implementation of the already existing national and subnational mechanisms such as the Memorandum of Understanding between youth-related government agencies of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and action plan of cooperation between Batken, Osh and Jalalabad regions in Kyrgyzstan with respective neighbor regions in Uzbekistan in order to facilitate the increasing opportunity of exchanges between the two countries by mitigating the challenges related to access to services, economic trades, family unifications and provision of documentations and contribute to the social cohesion in border areas and beyond with catalytic effects across the entire country. Project activities span from the improvement of cultural exchanges, youth interactions reaching out also to cooperation with relevant law enforcement bodies, Ombudsman institution and the Prosecutors Office to the further development of such plans with more inclusive participation of the youth. Due to the high number of young people in border areas, youth, in particular young women, were identified as the target group to invest.
The project interventions were planned to be complementary to the ongoing peacebuilding interventions under the approved Peacebuilding Priority Plan (PPP) for the period 2017-2020, in which a significant component is devoted to increasing resilience of young people to violent ideologies and enhancing youth participation in peacebuilding. The project was informed by Sustainable Development Goal 16 in the understanding that durable peace can be achieved through ensuring inclusive justice and accountability vis-a-vis all sections of the population. At the same time, the project is enshrined with the main messages of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 2250 of 2015 and 2419 of 2018 recognizing the critical and positive role that young people play in building peace.
The project implementation started on January 1, 2019. Although the project duration was 18 months initially, in 2020 the project was extended till 15 November 2020. All project activities are taking place within the Kyrgyz side of the border with some activities involving youth and authorities from Uzbekistan.
It is important to note that this project is one of many peacebuilding projects funded by the Peacebuilding Fund in Kyrgyzstan under the Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative. Other projects are implemented by RUNO and CSOs.
An advanced university degree (Masters degree or higher) in political science, sociology or any other related field;
A minimum of 5 years of experience in evaluation of programmes and projects involving youth, vulnerable categories and grass-root organisations;
Experience in using participatory techniques in data collection, including in particular gender-sensitive and child-friendly participatory techniques is essential;
Knowledge of the political, social, peacebuilding contexts of Kyrgyzstan;
Technical knowledge and expertise in peacebuilding, conflict resolution and cross cutting issues such as gender is an asset;
Very strong written and spoken communication and facilitation skills;
Fluency in oral and written English, Russian is required. Knowledge of Kyrgyz and/or Uzbek is an asset;
Experience collaborating with UNICEF or other UN agencies
Expected deliverables of a national consultant:
Undertake systemic desk review of program related documentation and available program data in Russian language or as per internal division with international consultant;
Contribute to the development of the Inception and Final Reports;
Contribute to development and translation of the survey;
Compile e-mail addresses for the survey;
Undertake the field work (interviews, group meetings, survey) where Russian language is required or as per division of labour with the international consultant;
Present preliminary key findings from desk review and field work to ERG;
Provide at least three human interest stories;
Develop evaluation results summary with policy recommendations.
The evaluation will be managed by UNICEF Country Office in Kyrgyzstan. The National Consultant and the Team Leader will work under direct supervision of UNICEF Child Rights Monitoring Specialist. The support will be sought from the UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office and external review body as per existing arrangements. The Reference Group will be involved throughout the review process and will contribute to the design, interviews, discussions and finalization of the evaluation report.
The national consultant will conduct the evaluation by fulfilling the contractual arrangements in line with the ToR, UNEG/UNICEF norms and standards and ethical guidelines. This includes preparing an inception report, conducting desk review, undertaking field work, drafting/finalizing report.
UNICEF national consultant will follow the Guidance on External Academic Publishing (January 2017) when engaging in external academic publishing, whether in print or digital form.
Quality assurance of inception report and final draft report is mandatory. UNICEF has external quality assurance mechanism provided through Long-Term Agreements. Consultants will be provided with Quality Assurance requirements in advance.
The UNICEF premises will be available, if needed. UNICEF will provide support in organizing meetings for the purposes of data collection and interviews. It is expected that the consultant will use his/her own laptop.
As part of the selection process, the office, in consultation with the International Consultant, will select a national consultant that quotes the lowest fee from the list of prospective consultants who are deemed suitable for achieving all the tasks on time and as per the criteria and deliverables stipulated in the Terms of Reference. National consultant is to submit two samples of writing in English and Russian as part of application documents. The writing samples will be evaluated by selection committee along with qualifications, work experience and financial proposal.
The consultants fee may be reduced if the assignments/deliverables are not fulfilled to the required standard. In a case of serious dissatisfaction with the consultants performance the contract may be terminated in line with UNICEF procedure in such matters and as spelled out in the contract.
Due to Covid-19 situation no travel is foreseen under this assignment for international and national consultant.
The evaluation team will consist of one international consultant (Team Leader) and one national consultant. It is expected that national consultant will work for 55 days.
The evaluation team Leader will be in charge of leading the entire process through working with the team member and the Evaluation manager. The Team leader will be responsible for timely and quality deliverables of the entire process as well as of the evaluation outputs.
О компании
ЮНИСЕФ работает в 190 странах мира, в том числе в Кыргызстане, чтобы спасать жизни детей, отстаивать их права, помогать им развивать свои способности.
Представительство ЮНИСЕФ в Кыргызстане было открыто в 1994 году, когда страна присоединилась к Конвенции ООН о правах ребенка.
Новая программа сотрудничества между Правительством КР и ЮНИСЕФ на 2018 – 2022 гг. направлена на то, чтобы самые обездоленные дети в стране были замечены, услышаны, поняты, чтобы их права реализовывались. Подобное сотрудничество должно создавать такое общественное устройство, при котором предоставляются услуги и защищены все дети, с фокусом на самых уязвимых.
Программа ЮНИСЕФ реализуется для детей в сфере здравоохранения, питания, иммунизации, развития детей раннего возраста и образования, водоснабжения и санитарии, социальной защиты, снижения рисков стихийных бедствий и изменения климата. Кроме того, ЮНИСЕФ работает в сотрудничестве с Правительством и граждансикм обществом, предоставляя гуманитарную помощь, когда это необходимо. Узнайте больше о наших программах для детей.

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